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Aérea Negrot - It's Lover, Love

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01 Miss You (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
02 It's Lover, Love (Philip Bader Remix)
03 It's Lover, Love (Kiki's Emotional Game Remix)
04 It's Lover, Love (Kiki's Instrumental Remix) DIGITAL BONUS
05 It's Lover, Love (Dance Disorder Remix) DIGITAL BONUS
06 Deutsche Werden (Fata Keifer Remix) DIGITAL BONUS
07 It's Lover, Love
Complete album
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Release Date: 2011-11-07
Catalogue Number: 880319528019

She wears her heart on her tongue and dances like there’s no tomorrow: To Aérea Negrot, music isn’t just art, it’s also the air she needs to breath. The autobiographical songs on her debut album “Arabxilla” offer a deep look into her psyche and avoid committing themselves to once specific musical genre. Techno, then house, and in the next moment electronic beats form the foundation of her tongue-in-cheek songs. The Venezuelan musician names Klaus Nomi, Yma Sumac, and Maria Callas as her direct influences. And in the world beyond singing, there are only two producers that she admires above all else: Titonton Duvanté and Ricardo Villalobos. The latter has now contributed a remix of her latest 12-inch single. As usual, his version of the track “Miss You” is minimalistic, bass-heavy, and epic. Fourteen minutes of rhythm straight from the gut, arranged in a way that only he can. Incidentally, his remix was produced immediately after receiving Aérea’s request in one long night without taking a break. Aside from short, spooky scraps of vocals and melody, not much of the remix is reminiscent of the original, and everything moves in the typical Villalobos fashion: a weightless dance of rhythm and bass, with perfectly placed tones and frequencies, which completely engulfs the entire body when played at the right volume. The Berlin-based producer Philip Bader also likes it minimal, and transforms the track “It’s Lover, Love” into a charming, frisky house sensation, whose sunny magic can make you hold your breath an entire weekend long. Kiki plays closer to the original but no less original with “It’s Lover, Love.” In this remix, Aérea’s voice is looped wistfully over a house rhythm and enchants the ears with an intensive vocal jungle. If the name Witch-House wasn’t already taken, Kiki would be considered its inventor. In addition to the light-as-a-feather vinyl version, there’s also a digital bonus for lovers of ones and zeros. The Venezuelan Fata Kiefer modified the earworm “Deutsche Werden” into a straight, aggressive techno version with a eerie, deeper atmosphere. Besides that, the excellent duo Dance Disorder took the track “It’s Lover, Love” and turned it into a fantastically cosmic, playful number, which sometimes sounds as if it was arranged by the legendary Patrick Cowley in memory of his timeless remix “I Feel Love.” And on top of all that, Kiki’s remix without Aérea’s vocals is also thrown in for good measure. Throughout the entire EP, they aren’t the center of the action, but a charmingly varied distinguishing characteristic. Because ultimately, Aérea Negrot believes in the freedom of artistic expression, and asked the remixers for only one thing – to listen to the beat of their heart!