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Mr. Statik Bio

Stathis Kalatzis is hidden behind the Mr.Statik moniker. Born in 1978, he grew up in Volos, where his musical influences go back to 1990 and the rising hardcore/breakbeat scene. Several parties, moving to Athens to study Political Science at Panteion University and a firm embrace of techno music lead to the form of Improvize- a mobile party with fellow dj Chevy aiming at bringing a fresh sound of techno and house in all its forms. During 2003 he performed in more gigs and club nights, and had the chance to make a wonderful trip to Cape Town with the Red Bull Music Academy. In the beginning of 2005 he forms the Mud Max project alongside amigo Motek (first releases out on Balkon and Ware). After the second half of 2006, Mr Statik starts to work solo as well, signing his first eps in labels such as Karloff, Stock5 and Octopus with a variety of tracks which embrace his moodier and atmospheric side...2007 finds him djing between his local residency at Fetisch and gigs abroad (with Monegros Festival and Tresor standing out as highlights) whereas in 2008 more releases and international appearances are on the way alongside a signing to UK label Immigrant and Berlin’s Rotary Cocktail and Perplex. 2009 kicks off with a series of rmxs, further appearances across Europe and a signing to BPitch Control’s sister label Memo. In 2010 he continues working heavily on rmxing duties for various artists/labels, while preparing his BPitch Control comeback and touring between Germany, France and Spain. He signs his first ep “Lust but not leashed for Berlin based Mo’s Ferry released in autumn and Sinphony (feat. The Boy) to the Werkschau compilation on BPitch Control. 2011 is the year that he solidifies his involvement to the berlin label both with rmxing Jahcoozi and landing his debut ep “Even Giants Have a Soft Spot” in late May, while getting back to the studio preparing new beats on various side projects as well.





Is the year that signals Mr. Statik’s  heavy return in the production field with numerous rmxs, the Werkschau compilation and his debut ep on Bpitch Control “Even giants have a soft spot” ready to land in late May while participating in label nights both inside and outside the Greek borders.

Mr.Statik continues working heavily on rmxing duties for various artists/labels, while preparing his BPItch Control comeback and touring between Germany, France and Spain.
He signes his first ep for also Berlin based Mo’s Ferry due to be released in autumn and signs Sinphony (feat. The Boy) to the upcoming Werkschau compilation on Bpitch Control.

It’s the year that Mr.Statik signs the first collab with ΒPitch Control, through his “Business of getting down” ep at the sister label Memo. Also lands a series of rmxs for labels Dekadent Schallplatten, Rhythmetic, Sirius Pandi, Ntrop and more and appears among other venues at the WMF/Sasula festival and BPitch Control’s 10 year anniversary events at Berghain and Pagoa, while contributing a track for the relevant upcoming compilation.

New eps are signed for UK’s Immigrant and Berlin’s Rotary Cocktail and Perplex records, the “Fetisch” residency continues and performances abroad are more consistent with a visit at Robert Johnson being the definite highlight.

2007 is definitely a turning point: The first releases come out, international appearances are more often and Mr.Statik also sets up his weekly residency at new Athenian hotspot “Fetisch”. Also appears at the RBMA stage of Monegros festival

Mr.Statik starts to work on his first solo projects, signing his first eps at Octopus, Stock5 and Karloff. Appears at the Balkon records van at the Love Parade.

Forms the Mud Max project together with  younger but more experienced producer Motek. Together they sign their first releases at Balkon and Ware records. Side dj project called L.E.G.O. (Little erotic groove obsessions) is also created together with one of the most prolific local techno djs, Lostra,  combining both of their affection for minimalism via a b2b performance.

Participates at the first RBMA Sonar by day stage

As Improvize flourishes throughout the year Mr.Statik  gets selected to represent Greece to that year’s Red Bull Music Academy installment in  Cape Town. The wholesome musica and social experience there urges him to reinvent himself musically and focus for the first time on production.

Forms together with “partner in crime” Chevy the mobile party Improvize,  wearing the dj mantle of Mr.Statik for the first time. Improvize’s strong focus in the techno/tech house scene in general and starts to grow in reputation starting from small locations and working it’s way up.

Moves to Athens to study political science at the Panteion University, where he also familiarizes himself with the strong techno scene (especially at the legendary Umatic) and gets involved with local media (Fast Forward magazine, Cityvibe portal, Dance Avopolis portal) as a reviewer. Also works for a year at Metropolis record store and Solaris Comic Book store, thus taking his affection for the art of sketching to a higher level.

1995- 98
That interest cultivates into an embrace of UK’s happy hardcore and d’n’b sound and first clubbing experience/clubnight involvement in the small but warm scene of his hometown Volos

First touch with the rising early hardcore/breakbeat scene mainly via local pirate radio.